Paving Pros Pretoria

Paving Pro Pretoria
Ready to make your outdoor as incredible as your indoor? We are here to do it for you. If you need a reputable team of paving professionals in Pretoria, then we are the professionals you're seeking.
It doesn't mater what the objective you need paving done, our staff has the skill-sets to improve your property. We have vast areas of expertise in offering paving solutions including houses, shopping areas, schools, churches, hospitals, and more. Call us today to discover how paving can be the best option to transform your outdoor area.

Paving Pros Pretoria
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Our Services
Led by a capable team of expert paving professionals, we take every paving project head-on.

Patio Paving and Pool Area Paving
Our paving contractors have the skills to help you get the paving of your dreams. Do you need help in getting the pool and patio area of your dreams? We can make it happen for you.
We are well-versed in handling any paving project and convert your area into a completely paved one. Our contractors will guide you throughout.

Driveway Paving
Are you not happy with your driveway because it ruins the entire look of your home? If yes, then let us know and we will arrange a custom paving solution for you. After finalization of the project, you'll notice boosted uniformity between your property's exterior and interior.

Entry and Walkway Paving
Give your entrance/walkway a new look by installing new paving. Envious of the entryway you see in magazines? Not anymore, because we can make it attainable for you.
We will help you decide what you should go for after looking at the space that you need paving for. We will revamp your space to give it a finish that will never become outdated.

Commercial and Industrial Paving
Don't ever ignore the looks of your office or commercial building. A well-maintained business or commercial building can impact your clients. Looks are the initial aspect of everything. In this case, your commercial and industrial property must look neat and professional from the gate all the way into the building.
We have a wide array of paving goods that are just perfect for your needs. Whether yours is a shopping complex, a depot, a filling station, you name it, we've got a collection of styles, shades, and designs that will amaze you.

Paving Cleaning
Paving can be cleaned by specific equipment therefore, you need to contact a professional for this. Let us know if you need professional washing done for your paving.

Varieties of Paving blocks
As a renowned paving provider and installer we have the following types of paving blocks

Residential Driveways and Paving
Driveways give the first impression to anyone who heads to your home. We give you three choices in regards to driveway pavers including cobble, bevel edge, or clay pavers. If you need any help in choosing the pavers, call us.

Flagstone Paving
Go for it if you need paving for the pool or patio. The pavers come in various designs and styles so you can achieve the desired level of appearance in your pool or patio area.

Industrial Paving
For your commercial property, go for SABS approved pavers that are sturdy. Such pavers can withstand heavy loads in shopping complexes, parking spaces and truck stops. These pavers are sturdy and have various shades, designs, designs to choose from.

Retaining walls and blocks
Retainer walls help in making your building look better along with offer other benefits. These retainer blocks come in a variety of different designs and are most commonly used to hold on to soil that poses a challenge to building sites.

Wall Cladding
Wall cladding is a great way to enhance the overall appearance of your house, it is applied by cementing loose pieces of cast cladding onto the wall using different designs and sizes to form a style.


- Which is the most ideal way to reach a paving specialist?
The quickest and most efficient method of reaching out to paving professionals in Pretoria is through the contact form/platform on our website. Otherwise, feel free to call anytime.
- Do you also offer a paving repair and maintenance solution?
Paving can withstand several years but it may require repair and maintenance if external aspects, for instance, the weather is affecting it. When used on a regular basis, paving may also require cleaning. That's why we offer various repair and maintenance solutions.
- Why should you choose us?
Do you want to know what makes us different from other paving contractors in Pretoria?
We have plenty of expertise
We use all forms of skills and tools that makes our paving ideal
Our solutions are not costly
Our supplies and raw materials come directly from the suppliers
We give you a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee

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We understand that you deserve absolutely the best paving solutions. We are here to fill the gap. Call us today for your free paving quote in Pretoria.

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