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Getting worried about how your outdoor looks? You are at the right place because we are the trustworthy paving pros of Johannesburg City, Johannesburg Metro. We are offering quality paving services to our consumers based in Johannesburg City, Johannesburg Metro in addition to other locations.
Whether you're intending to sell your residence or want to spruce up the look of your residential or commercial property, rest assured that our team has all the workers, tools and experience to do a thorough job. Our team has worked with schools, residential properties, churches, shopping malls, markets, hospitals, and many other residential or commercial properties. Get in-depth paving information through one of our pros on a call today!

Paving Pros Johannesburg
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Our Services
You'll be guided by a group of paving pros and everything will be immediately started.

Patio Paving and Pool Area Paving
Our paving contractors have the skills to help you get the paving of your dreams. Ready to convert your pool or patio area? We have the contractors and services that will unfold your plans.
We are well-versed in handling any paving project and convert your area into a perfectly paved one. Throughout, you'll have the best time teaming up with us.

Driveway Paving
Do you hate your driveway? If yes, the best way to make it look new and presentable is to ask for our tailormade driveway paving services. After the paving is installed properly, you'll be surprised how your outdoor is complementing the interior of your home.

Entryway and Walkway Paving
Give your walkway a makeover by choosing a new paving installation. Various paving colours and design choices can give every other entryway a run for their money.
We will let you know which type of paving is best for your spot after looking at it first. Our paving solution guarantees you the best outdoor area.

Commercial and Industrial Paving
First impressions can tell a lot about your residential or commercial property. Owning an industrial property that looks the part tells everyone who visits that they are dealing with the right people. Yes, this is true that look and feel is also among the aspects of a prosperous business. In this case, your industrial and industrial property must look neat and professional from the gate right into the building.
We can solve your paving demands under one roof. Whether you run a small depot, a shopping center, a filling station, or whatever, we can pave your exterior.

Paving Cleaning
Paving cleansing should be done by a pro that has specialized equipment. Call our paving contractors that can make your paving look as clean as new.

Varieties of Paving blocks
We supply paving installations for

Residential Driveways and Paving
Driveways create the first impression of your house. We deliver cobble pavers, bevel edge pavers, and clay pavers. If you still have any queries, we are there to help you choose the best one for your driveway.

Flagstone Paving
This kind of paving is perfect for patio and pool. You can experiment with different colours and designs to enhance the beauty of your pool or patio space.

Commercial Paving
Commercial pavers should be robust enough to handle the massive load along with SABS approval. These pavers are perfect for any industrial unit that is involved in massive loads. Although industrial you are still able to choose the shades paver you would like, they are available in a range of colours and are made in a zigzag rectangular shape.

Retaining walls and blocks
Retainer walls help in making your property look better along with supply other benefits. Retainer walls and blocks are supplied in various sizes and designs to retain soil.

Wall Cladding
Wall cladding is a terrific way to enhance the overall appearance of your house, it is applied by cementing loose pieces of cast cladding onto the wall using different designs and sizes to form a style.


- How to get a quote from a paving professional?
Call us if you need a prompt response or you can fill in the online form.
- Can I also expect regular paving upkeep services from your team of pros?
Paving is generally long lasting but it gets affected due to external aspects. If it is being used regularly then the paving can become stained. For these reasons, we provide comprehensive upkeep services to keep your residential or commercial property looking presentable throughout.
- Why are we the best fit to install your paving?
Need to know what are the key points that make us ahead of the game?
Our pros are experienced
We have the needed tools and a team of skilled pavers to work on each project
Our services are incredibly affordable
Our raw materials are high-quality
We guarantee you 100% satisfaction

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