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You can get stuck in an emergency at any moment. That's why we are here to help you 24/7. If you require electricians in Boksburg at any time, just give us a call and we will respond in less than 2 hours. We are here to handle every emergency, it can be either a spark or anything hazardous.

GP Electricians Boksburg
28 Oscar Street
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What We Provide
Take a look at the full-fledged electrical solutions provided by us below:
Electrical Certificates
Electrical Generator
All kinds of lighting installation
Power circuits
Ceiling lights, air conditioner, and lighting installation
Installation and repair of appliances stoves, pool pumps, Aircon's and more
Outside lighting
Smoke alarm replacement
Panel upgrades and alterations
Upgrades to existing electrical systems
Electrical distribution panels
It is possible that you may not find the solution you're looking for in this list but be rest assured that we can make it happen for you.
Electrical Repairs Boksburg
We serve our customers around Boksburg. Our electricians have substantial experience in dealing with complex problems. After promptly evaluating the concern with the electrical system, our electricians promptly think of the solution. No matter what type of issue you're experiencing, call us now for the most rapid solution possible.
Electrical Installations
It can be an appliance , new installation, or home renovation. We assure you a reliable and professional installation irrespective of the appliance you have. We'll not let you deal with any electrical issue on your own.
If not installed correctly, electrical appliances can be dangerous. Be warned before attempting to do it on your own. Simply contact us and our team will deal with the task skillfully.
Electrical Compliance in Certificates (Electrical COC) Boksburg

Why is it mandatory to have the electrical COC?
An electrical COC is required to have a compliant electrical installation in your residential or commercial property according to the South African National Standards.
You can't sell your house without having an electrical certificate of compliance. Other electrical appliances for instance, Solar Water Heating systems also require an electrical certificate of compliance.

Our Certification
Our team has access to the best goods. Some of the brands we count on are Bosch, Crabtree, Eurolux, and more. You will only find accredited electricians in our professional teams. Your electrician must know his work. If that is not the case, then it can result in severe situations. We have multiple staff members of South African Electrical Conformance Board authorized electricians. This company keeps an eye on the industry and also sets standards which their electricians must abide by.

Why Hire Us?
We are consistently working on giving our Boksburg customers some of the leading electricians.
If you're thinking of choosing a cheap alternative, then you're going to spend even more on electrical solutions.
Call us now for an estimate

Q: How to find out that my home needs electrical repair services?
A: If you're questioning about getting electrical maintenance, then you probably need it. You should also not ignore lights and plugs that require replacement.
Q: What if I need an urgent electrical solution?
A: Yes, you can call us even in the middle of the night.
Q: Which areas do you cover?
A: We provide the best electricians to Boksburg and the regions around it.
Q: My power just blew up, what should I do?
A: The primary step is to be aware of the load shedding schedule and recurring maintenance. It can also be the case that power is off only in your residential or commercial property. If it is then you may have a concern and should call us for support.
Q: Do you deal with accredited electricians?
A: We only provide licensed specialists.
Q: I am based in Boksburg and seeking an electrical COC, do you offer this a solution?
A: Yes, we do provide electrical COC. It is needed when you have to sell a property. And if you need to install a Solar Water Heating system, then it is also essential to have this certification. Pick up your phone and call us to get the electrical COC in or around Boksburg.

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