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How To Maintain Your Home Part: III

As you’ve probably seen through our previous posts, home maintenance is no short, easy or finite job. It is extremely important to make sure you always do your best to maintain every aspect of your home so that when guests, holiday stayers, or potential buyers come round, you spark pride within yourself and no shame!

We’ve covered these important aspects of a house that you should maintain regularly:

How To Maintain Your Home Part: I

  • The Doorbell
  • Dead Power Outlets
  • Foundation Problems
  • Exterior Paint Job
  • Window Touch Ups And Door seals

How To Maintain Your Home Part: II

  • Fridge Condenser Coils
  • Test Smoke And Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Garage Safety Testing
  • Clean The Oven

And now, we will look at some more home jobs that will keep your hands occupied throughout the year.

Roof Maintenance

The high-laying part of the home that we cannot neglect will need our undying attention when we do checkups. The roof needs to be maintained with care in order to ensure a longer lifespan, and will help any cooling or heating issues, such as tempreture escaping through cracks or holes. Another major reason to check the roof for cracks or holes is so that we can prevent any water damage by avoiding leaks.

It should be noted however, that roof inspections are among the most difficult jobs to perform with precision, so if you find yourself unable to do the job, get in contact with a professional roof inspector.

Side Washing

In order to keep your homes exterior appeal, it is recommended to wash the sides of your home at least twice a year. This not only brings it’s original finish back to life but can also help prolong the lifespan. Experts say that you should use a power-hose, so take a nice sunny afternoon to get this job done. However, be careful not to apply a pressure that’s too high, as it can lead to water damage.

Driveway Cracks

Cracks appear on the driveways of most homeowners somewhere down the line, especially if you’re using concrete slabs. Cracks that aren’t attende to right away will eventually grow in size and can become quite an eyesore for both you and any visitors, meaning you may get a lower evaluation on your property when the time comes to sell.

Consider using a form of repair such as mudjacking or slabjacking, a process that may cost you half the price of a replacement job.

Clean Air conditioning Fans

Air conditioning fans may help keep our homes cool, but every once and a while, they lose efficiency due to dirt build up on the blades themselves. This may prevent them from stopping the spread of mold throughout your home. It is a wise idea to check the exhaust fans, and clean if necessary, at least once a year.


As you have seen, there are countless things to do around the home, and it is no easy task to remember them all or do them ourselves. It is possible to do most of them, but if you find yourself lacking the time or skills to do so, consider hiring the appropriate tradesman to help you out.