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How To Maintain Your Home Part: I

A whopping 45% of Americans neglect their home’s need for repairs as they arise.

Property is one of the most valuable investments we will ever make in our lives, and maintaining consistent maintenance is critical and challenging. Sometimes we miss the small things which can lead to bigger problems later on. It’s time to take a look at how we can start consistently taking better care of our homes.

The Doorbell

Obvious to some, while totally at the back of the minds of others. The doorbell is what guests, or potential buyers, will probably use as they arrive at the house.

Make sure to check that your doorbell is working to avoid frustrating the delivery man and patient guests.

You can do a DIY replacement or hire a local tradesman to help you out.

Dead Power Outlets

Take a phone charger or any device that connects to an outlet around the house to check for any dead power outlets. Sometimes we don’t use a power outlet for months – or even years – and a dead power outlet can slip right under our nose. This kind of job is not DIY friendly, so make sure to call a professional electrician to help you fix any dead power outlets around your home. To save time, you can find a reputable electrician on our site!

Foundation Problems

Granted that it’s not pouring or miserable outside, take a stroll around the exterior of your building to inspect its foundation. Any sight of cracks can decrease your property’s value by 15%. Ensure you are always on the lookout so that if cracks do occur, you can get them sorted right away.

Exterior Paint Job

The truth of the matter is that if you want to sell your house, potential buyers will judge a book by its cover. The paint job on your house will be one of the most important and one of the most expensive projects you will take on for your home maintenance.

Touching up on your home’s exterior paint job can also yield up to a 50% return on investment, according to this survey, which makes it a worthwhile investment. If you feel like it’s too much of a burden to take on right now, small touch-ups on the exterior paint job can do wonders, too, for far cheaper.

Touch Up Window And Door seals

Take a stroll around your house, at least twice a year, to do an inspection on your doors and windows. When the seals start fraying away, it can look ugly and start causing problems. Small cracks in the seals can lead to problems with temperature regulation, which can overwork your fans or heaters. Early findings of any faulted seals around the house can save you a lot of money and trouble down the road.


Maintaining your home is a never-ending project, which means there are many more things to inspect around the house. Make sure to check up on these aspects of your house before you even consider selling!