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How To Hang Up Curtains

Once more, you will need to ensure you have the right tools for the job. Collect the following tools before proceeding with the job:

  • Desired curtains (after measurements are taken)
  • Desired curtain rod (after measurements are taken)
  • Drill and drill bits
  • Wall Anchors (if they are not supplied)
  • Ladder
  • Measuring Tape
  • Pencil

Once you’ve gathered the necessary tools, you can start to:

Measure The Windows

This is the most important step of the process and will ensure no broken hearts at the end of the job.

Take a measuring tape and measure the length of the window. Once you have the length of the window, add around 20 – 30cm (10 – 15cm on each side) for the length of the curtain rod.

Next, measure the distance from the intended position of the curtain rod (The curtain rod should be at least 10 cm above the top of the window) all the way down to the floor. This will be the height of the curtains.

If you want drapes, add some length to the curtain’s final height measurement.

If you want some space between the curtain and the floor, take a measurement of the distance of more than the floor and the top of the window.

If you are intending to have more than one curtain panel, make sure each curtain has the same length as the window.

Install The Brackets

Using a pencil, mark the spots where you will drill the holes for the rod brackets. Use a measuring tape to ensure the marked spots are level, otherwise you will end up with skew curtains. Use a ladder to assist you in this process.

Each bracket should be the same distance from the top corners of the window (10 – 15cm on each side of the window).  This extra space will allow you to fully pull the curtains open.

Once you are certain about your drilling spots, drill your holes, and install the brackets into the wall with either provided screws or wall anchors.

Install The Curtains

Once your rackets are up, take your curtains and thread the curtain rod through the top. Place the rod onto the brackets and viola.

If your curtains are hanging by hooks, you may need to install the rod and screw it tightly in place before hanging the curtains up.


While the process is simple, a lot can go wrong. Make sure you get accurate measurements before buying your curtains and curtain rod. You will also need to make sure your pencil marks are level to avoid skew curtains.

Finally, if your curtains or brackets prove to be unique in design, use this guide with the provided instructions that accompany your curtain rod and brackets to help you set them up.