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How To Clean Refrigerator Coils In 5 Steps

Cleaning your refrigerator coils is vital to refrigerator maintenance and will help you keep your fridge running longer and more efficiently. The cleaning process is a simple task that shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes, which should be conducted twice a year.

Should I Clean My Fridge Condenser Coils?

If you see any dust collecting around the coils, it’s in need of a clean. Another sign that this job needs to be carried out is by measuring the tempreture. If your fridge is warmer than usual and isn’t cooling down, you should give the coils a clean.

Most fridges have a compressor that will click on and off during the day, indicating that the heat isn’t being released efficiently. This leads to the compressor working under heavier loads and will result in the unit needing replacement.

You Will Need

  • Vacuum with a narrow attachment
  • Nylon-bristled brush
  • Flashlight
  • Cardboard to protect flooring (optional)

Step 1:

Turn off your refrigerator at the plug. This is a vital safety precaution for your own health, and will also help prevent the regrigerator fan from getting damaged during the cleaning process.

Step 2:

If you have front facing coils, simply remove the protective piece to access the coils. If you have rear facing coils, pull the fridge at least one meter away from the wall to access the coils. You can use a piece of cardboard to protect your flooring if needed.

Step 3:

Use your vacuum cleaner to collect the large dust bundles and any other dust or debris found around the coils. If you can access the fan, give it a cautious vacuum. The fan may be delicate, so be careful.

Step 4:

Use a flashlight to inspect the coils. With a nylon-bristled brush, work at brushing away any dust or dirt around the coils.

Use your vacuum to cleanup any fallen dirt or dust around the cleaned coils. Try get most of the noticeable dust and dirt off.

NOTE: Coils may feel sturdy, but they can get damaged. Take caution with you while cleaning the coils with a brush.

Step 5:

Put the front-facing protective cover back on, or move the refrigerator back against the wall with at least 2.5 cm of space between the fridge and the wall.


Cleaning a refrigerator’s condenser coils is an easy yet vital task that needs to be carried out at least twice a year. A simple, yet careful, scrub and vacuum of the coils themselves should do the trick. Use a cleaning solution for stubborn dirt and dust.

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