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How To Clean A Dirty Pool

A clean pool is a serene scene for all first time guests, neighbors, and residents of the house. Whether you clean your pool to a deep-dark blue or shimmering turquoise, it’s important to never let it rest as dirty. Beyond being an eyesore, swimming in dirty pool water can cause infections of the ear, nose, and throat. This is why regular, methodical, and mindful cleaning of your pool is important.  However, in the case of a very dirty pool, you’re going to need to use a more extreme method of cleaning as opposed to regular maintenance.

Step 1: Remove Any Debris On The Pool Surface

Use a leaf net to collect any floating leaves or debris that may be floating. It is important to not use a pool skimmer, as this may mix the dirty layers of the surface into the rest of the pool.

Step 2: Modify The Chemicals

If your pool is very dirty, chances are that there are dangerous, unhealthy bacteria in it. To begin the chemical process, you need to test the waters pH to adjust accordingly, and then use pool shock.

An ideal pH for your pool is going to be around 7.2 – 7.8. However, due to inaccurate pH level readings when using high amounts of chlorine, lower and keep it at 7.2. Then use a pH reducer and increaser to trial and error the pH levels over a few days until they reach a safe level.

You can also use an alkalinity increaser.

If the pool is very dirty, you’ll need to administer at least a few litres of pool shock over a period of days. Add a few litres of pool shock in the morning and wait 24 hours to see the result before adding more. Repeat this process until the water colour has cleared.

Step 3: Cycle The Water filter 24 Hours Per Day

Let the water filter run for all day for a few days to clear out unwanted bacteria and other material.

Remember to clean your filter at least 4 times per day to make sure it doesn’t clog up and get damaged. Green water is notorious for damaging water filters.

Step 4: Vacuum and Scrub The Floor

Once the pH levels are balanced and the water is clear, use a pool vacuum and a pool scrum to clean the pool surface. If it looks like there is too much material on the floor, call in a professional to help. You don’t want your vacuum to get damaged in the process!