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8 Ways To Keep A Cleaner Bathroom

Prevent Moisture Right Away

If you get mildew stains on your carpet, it’s over. Mildew comes from showers because of the moisture and heat buildup that occurs during a shower.

You can open a window and turn on your exhaust fan during your shower to minimize moisture buildup. Otherwise, buy yourself a squeegee and wipe the shower down after you wash.

Putting in a few minutes of work to wipe the shower down and prevent moisture buildup is one of the best things you can do to maximize a cleaner bathroom for longer.

Moisture buildup on shower door
Moisture buildup

Coat Your Shower

Using a reliable water repellent like Enduroshield or RainZ can really help keep off the nasty bits of excess that build up to a dirty bathroom.

A dry shower from water repellent.
A dry shower

Use Liquid Soap At The Sink

Using bar soap at the sink will eventually lead to a build up of soap scum, making your sink look dirty and unattractive. The sink is where you clean your hands, and you don’t want to feel dirty doing that!

Get a liquid soap to stop all grimy soap buildups in your sink, and to maintain a cleaner bathroom.

bodywash, shampoo and conditioner
Liquid Cleaners For The Body

Order The Cabinets!

A clean bathroom doesn’t quite feel right with clutter and disorganization. Try dedicating drawers and spaces in your cabinets for medicine, cosmetics and other tools.

Ordered Cabinet

Hang Up Your Towels

If you haven’t already, consider installing towel bars. Towels that are hung up on bars will dry faster and look far neater. If you have no wall space, look to buying a door towel bar with hooks.

Towel Hanging On The Wall
Towel Hanging On The Wall

Use Long Lasting Cleaners

There are some cleaning solutions that help sinks, toilets, showers, and bathtubs to remain stain resistant for long periods of time. Checkout Mr.Muscle for a solid go-to cleaner.

Mr Muscle - Wikipedia
Mr Muscle

Keep The Cleaning Wipes Close

Keeping a box of disinfectant wipes under your sink can help maintain your bathroom clean. You’ll still need to do the wiping, but keeping a box close by can help you wipe away stains and blotches asap before they fester into stubborn stains.

Cleaning Wipes
Cleaning Wipes

Maintain A Clean Shower Curtain

Mildew, soap scum, and other nasty build-ups will occur at the bottom of your shower curtain. By squirting bleach-containing all-purpose cleaner at the bottom of your shower curtain several times a month, you will ensure your bathroom stays cleaner for longer.

Girl standing by a shower curtain