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6 Useful Tools For Bricklaying

If you’ve already purchased the essential tools for bricklaying and are looking for more tools to help make the job easier, these tools will help you from start to finish and will last you for years to come. Having these tools will assist you to keep a professional quality standard throughout the project, and will come in handy with your future bricklaying projects, too. Even if you only use these tools for your own projects, loaning them out to family and friends will prove to be rewarding in its own way. With that being said, here are 6 useful tools for bricklaying.

Tape Measure

This seemingly obvious tool will come in handy throughout the design process and even more so while the actual bricklaying is taking place. A good, sturdy tape measure will help you lay bricks down with precision. Remember to keep this tool dry at all times, as it will rust over time if it stays wet.

Gauge Rod

A simple tool used for a specific purpose; you’ll use this tool to measure the depth of the mortar along the laying process and then adjust accordingly. This tool is essential to keep track of the mortar levels throughout the process.

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This tool will be used for holding your joint compound in place. Other materials can also be held in place with this tool. Buy a good hawk for your tool shed, as this tool will come in handy as you go along the project.

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Cold Chisel

These chisels will be used less frequently than the bolster chisles, once the brickwork has already been laid down. If you need to chip away at the final product for whatever reason, these chisels will help you do the job. Be aware that there are three different sizes for cold chisels, each with their own purpose.

Brick layers Line Pins

Simple yet very helpful tools. These pins will help you ensure that the course along your bricklaying remains even, and that you don’t veer off the correct course. Simply place them along the desired path to help you maintain your accuracy.

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Ponting Towel

If you want to make the finishing touch ups of your final product look professional, having a pointing towel makes the task far more easier. You could use a regular brick towel, but many bricklayers have said the pointing towel is favored for this task.

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These tools aren’t a necessity for bricklaying jobs but will prove to be useful for even the most basic of projects. However, there are tools – that are absolutely necessary – that you need to buy before you start the project.