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6 Reasons To Become A Plumber In South Africa

Becoming A Plumber In South Africa

If you like working with your hands and want to work for yourself, then plumbing may be for you.

The journey towards becoming a plumber in South Africa is a fairly simple process, but like all trades and skilled work, it requires some form of certified training. Although plumbers don’t need a degree, you will need to find a qualified practitioner and undergo training as an apprentice. You can also opt for a plumbing course if you prefer. What’s important is that you complete a course that has been approved by the Construction Education Training Authority (CETA).


Why Should You Become A Plumber?

Job Stability

Plumbers are somewhat essential workers for the operations of society. Like doctors, everyone will always need a plumber. If you live in South Africa, you may be aware of the challenges faced in the job market. Plumbers are guaranteed jobs and projects throughout the year. Having job security is priceless, and being a plumber comes with invaluable skills.

Climb The Ladder

There will always be a ‘ladder’ to climb in whatever career you decide to go into, and you’re always going to start from the bottom. After graduating from an apprenticeship, you will already be in high demand. Once you work your way up to Master Level, though, you will have more job flexibility, higher salary expectation and far more opportunities than most other tradesmen.

Variety In Your Job

Becoming a plumber will come with a wide range of different jobs to do. Sure, you could opt out to only doing call-outs and fixing toilets, but there is so much more to be found in the plumbing trade. You could end up becoming the manager of municipal water systems, or designing plumbing systems for houses.

plumber fixing a drain


If you become a professional plumber, expect the opportunity to go solo and become your own boss. You will find that the demand for plumbing is high enough – just about everywhere – for your own plumbing business. You can decide to work when you want, for whom you want.

Benefits At Home

Once you’re a plumber, you can repair all the water issues in your own home. You won’t ever have to hire someone else to do the job, saving you and your loved ones countless bills.

water tap

Job Satisfaction

The bottom line is this: plumbers save lives. If it weren’t for plumbers, cities would collapse from under themselves, waste water would take countless lives in the form of diseases like cholera. When you’re a plumber, you have the opportunity to work a job that fulfills you everyday.

plumbers fixing public waterpipes