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4 Tips To Bring More Detail To Your Garden And Pool Area In South Africa

With the coronavirus pandemic looming over 2021, many South Africans will be finding themselves sitting around their gardens and in their pools.

One may not be aware that the small details are what brings a garden and pool area to life. It’s important to be aware of what those details are, so we compiled 4 tips to help make your garden and pool area come to life.

How To Bring More Detail To Your Garden And Pool Area:

Be Mindful of The Upkeep Effort

While having shade and a beautiful tree in your garden looks aesthetic and pleasing to the eye, it is bound to need upkeep and maintenance.  The leaves will fall into your pool – perhaps daily – and in overpowering numbers during autumn and winter. If you live in South Africa, you may find an ‘alien’ tree specimen that sheds like crazy during winter months (ie. Oak trees) which is going to land you an expensive pool maintenance bill.

Trees aren’t the only plants that are going to cause issues for your pool and drainage systems. Consider choosing South African plants that don’t shed leaves and choose them if possible.

Use a pool blanket year-round to ensure that you don’t experience any water loss, as well as prevent any foliage from falling into the pool.

House with a pool and garden

Use Eye Candy Around The Pool With Plants

Ask yourself what mood the pool area will be. There are many different vibes you can bring to your pool area by paying a little attention to detail. Cacti are fantastic in creating an oasis feel, while flowers and lavender will bring about romantic stories about your pool.

Fast-growing plants will have to be removed later on to avoid any disturbances to the pool itself, so opt for slower-growing plants that will hold a consistent atmosphere for years to come.

Choose Between Exotic Or Native

Exotic plants are stunning and will easily create beautiful memories for all those who enjoy your garden and pool. However, many exotic plants need very specific climates to flourish, and South Africa has a tropical climate. Make sure to head over to a local nursery and enquire about their range, as their plants are most likely climate-friendly for South Africa.

It’s important to note that local plants are easier to upkeep and appeal greatly to local wildlife. If you’d like to see birds and butterflies, opt for native plants.

exotic plants by a pool

Use A Variety of Plants

When you walk into a pool area or garden, you want all your senses to light up. Having a variety of different plants means that you’ll have a range of different coloured plants, each with their own smell, look and feel. Some plants will even sound different during heavy wind, so make sure you have a variety of plants to ensure a blossoming to remember.

House with a pool and garden


By utilizing a variety of plants for the right climate and minimizing the upkeep, your garden will be brighter and livelier than ever. Make sure you don’t overwhelm yourself with too much, and if you’re seeking advice for your garden, dial-up a local South African landscaper.