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4 Best Trade Jobs That Pay Well And Are In High Demand

“Few want to be them, but everyone needs them. Plus, (if have entrepreneur skills) you get to choose your own hours!” That is what my principal would like to boast. He always loved the idea of being a plumber. Trade jobs are truly in demand and certainly pay well.  According to, professional carpenters make around $20.72 in the USA, while plumbers – according to PayScale – earn anywhere between R40 000 to R340 000 in South Africa. 

What Are Trade Jobs?

A trade job refers to a type of job that requires advanced skills and training. Trades jobs do not require a degree like a therapist would. Trades are taught at trade schools or within an apprenticeship. Trade duties cannot be performed with common skills, and usually require the use of tools and a deep understanding of physical systems.

Plumbing or working as a technician are some examples of a trade. 

Are trade Jobs In Demand?:

Even if you lived on the farthest reaches of the galaxy, you’d still need a plumber. Trade  According to the Universal Technical Institute, there are specific trade jobs in high demand

Adecco predicted that 31 million jobs opened up in 2020 based on the retirement of older workers.

Out of this list, we found from Online College Plan, we chose four trade jobs that we think could be the best. What do you think? 

4 Best Trade Jobs That Pay Well And Are In High Demand

Landscape Architect

The primary job duties of landscape architecture are designing greenery in residential and public spaces.

The annual salary for this trade skill is R240 000. This specialized skill will ensure you with job security, as greenery in public and private spaces will always be needed.

woman walking on stone bath in central park


As we said above, the annual salary for a plumber is a wide range from R40 000 – R340 000 in South Africa.

This skilled trade has always and will always provide thousands of jobs to plumbers. 

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Electricians are in charge of the electrical power systems in society. Their job requires them to begin, install and repair these systems.

In South Africa, electricians earn an annual salary of R70 000 to R398 000, according to PayScale.

switch board

Wind Turbine Technicians

This job puts you hands-on with modern infrastructure, as you will be in charge of servicing and the maintenance of wind turbines. 

South African wind turbine technicians earn an annual salary of R124 000 to R432 000.

wind turbines


These job types will certainly get your hands dirty. They’re very hands-on and are in high demand. You don’t need a strong academic background to qualify either. There will always be plenty of trade jobs out there, and a skilled trade is invaluable.