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3 High-Paying Tradesman Jobs in 2021

One of the biggest questions on the minds of youth today is “What job or trade out there has a high annual salary?” While annual salary matters to a large degree, it’s important to spend your work time on something you love to do. 

Skilled tradesmen are always in demand, and if you’re wondering whether or not you can make money in this industry, you’ve come to the right blog post. You’ll be surprised to see how much some tradesman jobs are paying in 2021. Whether you work for a business, own your own business, or want to become an apprentice in the industry, you’re bound to learn new skills along the way. While some trade employers require an employee to have a degree or higher education, there are many that don’t. There are various schools that offer courses to build your skills in a trade, but an apprenticeship is what you’ll want to work your way into. Trade businesses usually hire people with customer service skills too, so make sure you know how to talk with customers! Here are 3 high-paying tradesman jobs.

3 High-Paying Tradesman Jobs in 2021


Plumbers earn a high annual salary, whether they’re part of a team or work independently. Plumbing requires thorough job training, but once you’ve completed an apprenticeship or a range of plumbing courses, you’ll be ready to reap the benefits of this career path. The role of a plumber is to fix water supply systems in households. You will be able to work your way up to master-plumber level and earn a fantastic annual salary on top of all the job opportunities.

The average salary for plumbers is around R 180 000 in South Africa. With a few years of experience, and location dependant, plumbing can earn you a median salary of R2 000 000.

If you start plumbing, you’re guaranteed to find an apprenticeship and many jobs in this trade. Here are some more reasons to become a plumber in South Africa.


While an electrician’s walk to certification is long (up to four years in an apprenticeship ), this job in the trade field is guaranteed to earn you a high annual salary. It’s always in demand and locations are always in need for these services. The role of an electrician is to install electrical equipment.

Electricians earn about R254,423 in South Africa, depending on the location of the job.

No degree or formal education is needed, but an apprenticeship under qualified electricians is important. Electricians will always be in demand, and with enough experience under your belt, you’re bound to make a high annual salary.

`Landscape Architect

If you love spending time outdoors, this could be the career for you. While a degree or formal education are necessary for this role, you will certainly earn high in this profession. The role of a landscape architect is to design outdoor environments for clients.

Entry-level pay is about R264,973 in South Africa, and when you have a higher position, this trade skill could earn you up to R400 000 per year.


Countries and companies all over the world are in need of these trades. Having the ability and technical skills to fix common issues for busy locations is invaluable, and you will always have employers looking to hire you and customers willing to pay you. Make sure you understand the role of each trade before pursuing it as a career and do thorough research regarding the steps you need to take to become qualified. If you’re still in school, then consider finding companies or employers that will allow you to job shadow a team of theirs.

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